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Wealth Building Cornerstones

Why is Your Process so Important?

We all only have a finite amount of money…we have to be efficient with it in the short time we have. Inefficiencies cause major losses to occur.

These losses can be reflected in:

  • Lower current lifestyle
  • Lower retirement income
  • Inadequate protection
  • Loss of financial control
  • Financial vulnerability
  • Higher taxes and fees
  • Less benefits

Wealth Building Cornerstones Offers a Path:

Wealth Building Cornerstones (WBC) is a complement to the full LEAP Process. WBC pulls your retirement income to the forefront for initial focus. The journey to retirement income is one continuous journey. There are 2 rates that make up everyone’s Retirement Income (both are equally important):

1. Accumulation Rate
2. Distribution Rate

Understanding how retirement income streams work (distribution) defines how to pack your bag in Pre-Retirement (accumulation). Begin with the End in Mind! WBC guides you to building a proper balance in your long-term retirement assets to help maximize retirement income.

Please click on the link below to see a short video on “The Retirement Savings Dilemma.”